Work with Rita

Work with Rita

My wayfinder coach programs works on the beliefs that limit self expression and fulfilling our true potential.

By transforming limiting beliefs into empowerments, we gift ourselves the insight to understand who we are, what and why we actually do what we do, and how to express our talents.

This connects us to our deepest insides, our source, guiding us through our intuition and finding our true brilliance.

What our current society has defined as women’s roles today is unattainable.

The woman’s wild nature was taken away. She has received messages from our culture that she must work as hard as she can day in and day out towards an unattainable and perfect image.

You are capable of great things. You do not to try to be a super women, you are human!

I work with women to identify patterns that don’t serve them anymore and to develop awareness of the collective sacred feminine.

The time has come to change: